Saturday, July 2, 2011


Its been a few months since he confessed to me that he is no longer love me and want me , its hard to believe and hard for me to accept it because there nothing wrong with our relationship .  Until now , i still cant accept every single word that he said . I don know why hard for me to forget him and all of our memories .  I want to forget all the past and started new life but i cant ! I cant ! its to hard after what we have been trough together .

Every night before i sleep i wish that when i wake up in the morning i will forget him and he is no longer in my mind but unfortunately it would never happen . I'm totally suffer to life with your shadow . I want to let you go , but i cant ! 

Everyday i'm trying but its useless , I've tried to find others and its not working at all . I cant love others anymore , i really cant ! Only him in my heart .


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