Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Heyy ! 

A while ago , I chat with him . someone that I like the most . 
but , there's something went wrong . 
he said , because of me he remember bout her ex-gf 
seriously , I didn't mean to do that .
I just wanna see his picture with her ex-gf . 
that's all .
I don't even know that will make sense to him. make her thinks about that girl again.
So, he told me that he stalk her ex-gf cause he miss her.
then I asked her what did he find out bout her ex-gf but he refused to tell me.
I just want to know what has happen.
I keep asking what did he found.
He told me that, that girl has wrote one entry at her blog that say she miss him so much ! 
cant forget him.
and he , 
also cant also forget her, 
I know that he's trying to forget her.
really really trying.
but still cant , a three years relationship totally hard to forget.
plus , he said that im hurting him when I keep asking about that girl.
I feel like wanna cry at that time. 
how come I make him hurt.
im just asking.
curious to know about something
thats my habits.
but , maybe its true thats my fault.
asked him to many que about that person.
I said sorry to him and promise that it would never happen again.
I don't want to lose him
I don't want to see him go back to her.
I don't want to let him go. No! Absolutely cant!
I'm scared. what should i do?



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