Sunday, April 24, 2011

lonely :(

dear bloggie ,
once again i felt lonely . emptyness inside my soul ~ there nothing can burn my spirit like before . huh ! how i can achives my dreams if i cant stand on my own feet rite now ? theres no one beside me to push me . not even a freinds . all of my bestfriend are far away from me . i miss them , they can make me smile if im sad and can give me courage in my situation rite now . i really need them . all of them . era , shima , anis , fara , eno , aide n his frenz that always make my days cheerfull . their ALLAH swt is it ur test to me ?? i'll try to survive here even im not happy with it . i try to smille , even its hard . im also lost HIM . a person that make me change . hurm :(

ive tried so many times , but at last i fall again n again . i really need support to wake up but who can help me ?? there no one could help me anymore . i must help myself to wake up . but can i do that ??


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