Sunday, November 18, 2012

Its the real life of me now

Assalamualaikum and hey my little cutie bloggie . Its a long long time I dint update anything here right . There's nothing to be told and to be share anymore. My life is so boring with class and work schedule that i need to follow . For your info, im working now at one of the fast food restaurant in Kuala Lumpur .

Dear bloggie, I feel so sad and stupid also because I believe in guys again. With all that has happen to me before this. So, start from today and now on, I promise to myself in the name of my parents, I wont let any guy to get closer to me anymore . I am totally afraid that it might happen again , being dumped and hurt ! I just want to focus on my study and part time job. Talking about my part time job, it is a lot of fun . I made new friends and family there . Most of them love me and take care about me . How can I resign if I love them so much ! O' Allah s.w.t , thank you cause still let me wake up everyday and breath . Me, my life and this world is all yours , thank again cause let me be in this world .

I love them so . sarangheo !
Photo: Rakyat2 senget ku.. M2mall

never forget all of them . :)


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