Thursday, July 5, 2012

Damn tired !

Heyy, dear bloggie . 

Its been so long since the last update right ? I've been very busy with classes and part time for this week and will continuously until the final break. Seriously, i'm tired cause I've to wake up early in the morning and went back home at night everyday. I dint get enough rest. I don't have time to sleep like usual. 

But, i have to sacrificed for this few months before i get back my study loan. The old one agreement had been finishes last month and I have to apply for a new one. Like usual, it need 6 months to be process and all. 

Beside its my fault cause wasting my money to much even though i know this situation might happen. But, regretting the past would never change anything right? 

So, I just need work hard and get the payment. 

notakaki :: Your illusion no longer in my mind, but still think of u.   


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