Tuesday, September 7, 2010

. . . u , u n u . . .

theres nothing that i can do now while waiting for sahur , msgs with my syg ?? i have no credit at all , forget to buy top up when i went out with him last afternoon .. urghh , so boring n missing him rite know .. also cant wait for hari raya coz he will comin to my house..

for the 1st time ever a guys take me out in front of my mom , theres nobody do that.. jani was the 1st one.. n my mum just smiling at me.. my mum didn't angry at all but just worried if come back late..

for da second time i meet him , i dint know what to say just keep quiet n watch him droved ..feel like the time to short for us , i cant asked many question to him.. maybe next time i can asked him many more question that i want to asked !

and today he want to meet me again , n me ?? of coz la !
i dont know what time we will goes out today , but he said just wait until he call me later n get ready to go out n DATING again i guest , haha !
syg , i really2 mis u n love u..feel like wanna be with u aways dear n dont want let u go..

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